Amisy Pellet Machinery

- Model 230D - Diesel Flat Die Pellet Mill

Suitable for different feedstock. Adopt roller driven pellet mill design, this pellet maker has outstanding performance of making hard wood pellets. For more details, please contact, or Whatsapp: 008615803867012

This AMSP-230D pellet mill is a diesel-driven pelletizing equipment which can be used to compress raw fodder or biomass particle into pellets for poultry feed or recyclable energy. Depending on the ingredients, these pellets can be used for an animal feed that’s easily stored, cheap and has a long lifespan, or as an energy efficient fuel for fireplaces, wood-burning furnaces and stoves.

★. Simple structure, wide application, little space needed.
★ For making powdery feedstuff like grass powder, you need not to add extra liquid, so the finished feed pellets contains as much moisture as before pelletizing.
★ Animal feed pellets processed by this pellet machine have smooth surface, not easy to break and highly cooked.
★ Suitable for different feedstock.
★ The pellet mill roller is made of high alloy steel which prolongs use life.

Best choice of small animal feeding farms; also for making sawdust pellets, rice husk pellets, cotton stalk pellets, grass pellets and other agro wastes pellets.