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BioITO Biosens is an Amperometric Biosensor prototype based on Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) electrode  reading responses from a biological mediator which interacts directly with the substance to detect. The output current is read out by two electrodes: the ITO (coated on a glass substrate) and a (carbon) screen printed electrode (SPE).

The measurement chamber is accessible by a syringe/pipette for liquid addition through two fluidic connections on top of the lid; an o-ring ensures complete sealing. An optical module for light excitation of photoactive biosamples can be mounted in the measurement cell (ITO-Light model) with 2 LEDs providing emission in the red range (660 nm wavelenght).

Keyboard and display for measurement programming and USB connection for PC data transfer are provided.

The fluidic setup and the cells are both made of inert materials to avoid the adsorption of the sample (e.g. Derlin®, Teflon®, glass).

The module for light excitation is developed according to the needs of the customer.

The instrument is equipped with its own software; self-upgrade by the costumers is possible

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