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- Model 6850i G - Amperometric Oxygen Sensor



METTLER TOLEDO’s InPro 6850i G as intelligent all-rounder uses the new 3-electrode system. A separate platinum anode increases the signal stability for extended maintenance intervals. These sensors can be installed in harsh environments and hazardous area applications. With the integrated ISM technology, they monitor themselves for wear and can pre-emptively determine the time to the next maintenance in real time.

Thanks to the integrated ISM technology with Plug and Measure capability, installation is much easier. New possibilities for maintenance planning are possible thanks to automated self diagnosis and asset management. Together with the iSense, always stay one step ahead of maintenance tasks.

Specifications - InPro 6850i G Amperometric Oxygen Sensor

Accuracy: ≤ ± [1% +0.1 Vol-%]
Measuring pressure resistance: 0.2 to 9 bar (2.9 to 130 psi absolute)
Operating range: 0.1 Vol-% O2 to 100 Vol-% O2
90% response time at 25°C (77°F): ≤ 20 s (N2®15 Vol-% O2)
Measuring principle: Polarographic Clark electrode
Sensor body: 316L stainless steel or C22 (titanium on request)
Membrane material: PTFE /Silicone (reinforced with steel mesh)
O-ring material: Silicone or Kalrez®
Mechanical pressure resistance: Maximum 12 bar (174 psi absolute)
Certificates: Quality certificate, EHEDG, FDA/USP Class VI, 3.1, N5/Ra16, ATEX: EEx II 1/2 GD IIC T6/T5/T4/T3, FM: IS Cl. I,II, III, Div1, GR ABCDEFG/T6
KALREZ is a registered trademark of E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company Corporation

Features and Benefits

Reduced service time

Thanks to the easy-to-replace membrane body and quick-disconnect interior body.

Long sensor lifetime

Durable and rugged sensor design for increased resistance to harsh environments.

Installation in hazardous zones

ATEX certificate: II 1/2GD Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4/T3, IP6X T 69 °C / T 81 °C / T 109 °C / T 161 °C, SNCH 01 ATEX 3277X; FM approval: IS / I, II, III /1/ ABCDEFG / T6 Ta= 60 °C - 53 800 002; Entity.

High measurement stability

The new 3-electrode principle with its separated platinum anode for higher signal stability.

Enhanced diagnostics

Permanent sensor monitoring with ISM technology reduces the risk sensor failures.

In-situ measurement

Measurements are fast and are performed directly in the process stream.


Insensitive to moisture and dust, the membrane - covered sensing element is permeable to oxygen, not liquids.

Predictive Maintenance

The DLI (Dynamic Lifetime Indicator) assesses in real-time the remaining lifetime of the sensor.

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