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AMRI is a global manufacturer of butterfly valves, actuators and accessories. Our group is the largest manufacturer of butterfly valves in the world, in terms of volume. With more than 400,000 butterfly valves delivered each year, AMRI is a worldwide leader for this product.

AMRI products are used in a broad range of applications, from simple water lines, to extremely corrosive chemicals, to nuclear power plants. AMRI is a market leader in providing valves for difficult services, including:

  • Highly corrosive applications in chemical and petro-chemical plants
  • Chlorine gas (wet or dry), brine and caustic in the chlorine industry
  • Ultra-Pure 18 mega-ohm water and make up water in the semi-conductor industry
  • Bleached and brown pulp stock, caustic, white and black liquor, and all the bleaching chemicals (chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorate, chlorine, and sodium hypochlorite) in the paper industry
  • Acid plants using sulfuric, hydrofluoric, nitric and phosphoric acid Ballast, crude, diesel fuel, fresh water and seawater in ship-building or on existing cargo, tanker or passenger ships
  • Large diameter (up to 140 inch) water lines in the power and water industries
  • Food applications
  • LNG liquefaction, LNG tanker ships and LNG receiving terminals
  • European nuclear plants

AMRI’s success is the result of large expenditures on Research & Development over a long period of time, and the use of vertically integrated manufacturing processes. In addition to controlling the traditional manufacturing processes, AMRI is in complete control over all of it’s critical support services, including:

  • Compounding all elastomers from raw ingredients and molding these elastomers into finished parts.
  • Teflon molding using virgin Dupont PFA Teflon®

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