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- Model 9130-VTR - Track Mounted System



The 9130-VTR model is the newest track model to the AMS line of track mounted PowerProbes and provides two power source options, diesel and propane. The 9130-VTR-D (diesel) provides explosive power when size matters. It provides easy access and mobility and can even access through a 36' gates. The small footprint of this rig makes it a perfect rig for small residential areas, tanks, farms, and gated areas. Mounted with transport hooks, this rig can be air-lifted into remote job location. Features a 90 ft-lb hammer and runs off of remote control.

  • Long lasting powder-coated finish
  • Aluminum power track
  • Spring-loaded pull yoke
  • Enhanced control panel
  • 50 ft-lb hydraulic hammer
  • 60” probe stroke – able to run 4 ft tooling
  • Hydraulic oil pressure gauge
  • Rubber tracks for minimal ground disturbance
  • Electro-hydraulic valves - in-out, side-side, and tilt
  • Tooling storage
  • Adjustable mast for angled probing
  • Transport hooks
  • Hydraulic oil pressure and temperature gauges
  • Emergency stop system
  • Pendant remote with 15’ cord
  • 12 volt outlet
  • Tooling vise
  • Storage for pendant control

Convenience Package

  • Hand auger to pre-clear soil boring locations


  • Full one year factory warranty

Options and Accessories

  • 90 ft-lb hydraulic hammer
  • 1,000 ft-lb auger drive head
  • Regen system
  • Hydraulic telescoping track carriage

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