Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)

- Model 9520-TR - Hydraulic Hammer



The 9520-TR comes standard with the 90 ft-lb hydraulic hammer, and the option to upgrade to other hammer models. For those situations where you need to install groundwater monitoring wells, you can add an auger drive head. With the choice of two different auger drive heads, and 2 different hammer options, you can't go wrong with the 9520-TR. Some carrier vehicle requirements may be required dependant on the options chosen.

  • Adjustable mast
  • Long lasting powder-coated finish
  • Anodized metal power track
  • Electro-hydraulic valves in-out, side-side, and tilt
  • Spring-loaded pull yoke
  • Enhanced control panel
  • One year warranty

  • Hand auger to pre-clear soil boring locations
  • Hydraulic oil pressure gauges
  • Emergency stop system
  • 12 volt accessory outlet
  • Hour meter
  • Tooling vise and storage

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