- Model 6900 - Dry Sulfamic Acid Cleaner System



AmSolv 6900 is a dry sulfamic acid system cleaner and descaler synergistically blended with penetrants, dispersants, stabilizers and inhibitors. AmSolv 6900 effectively removes accumulations of scale, corrosion and organic matter from heavily fouled systems. AmSolv 6900 does this in a wide range of open and closed recirculating cooling and heating water systems, evaporating condensers and heat exchangers.

AmSolv 6900 is the product of choice for on-line cleaning and descaling of water systems where minimum corrosion of the system metals is desired. AmSolv® 6900 is suitable for use in descaling galvanized and zinc coated cooling towers and systems. Properly applied and monitored, AmSolv 6900 will solubilize and disperse calcium, rust, slime, organic matter, oils, sludge, and other foulants with minimum system metal loss. Old and heavily fouled systems can be cleaned with minimal potential for corrosion or plugging. In these systems, cleanup time can range from several hours, up to several days for heavily scaled cooling towers.

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