Anaerobic Treatment Plants



Development of industrial production as well as a need to save water within the framework of manufacturing processes result in increased pollutants concentration in wastewater discharged from production. Simultaneously demands for decreased operational costs concerning sludge disposal and electricity requirements rise. One of the possible solutions is to implement anaerobic treatment process. HYDROTECH together with licensing partner offers anaerobic treatment system BIOPAQ as a single treatment process or in combination with aerobic treatment. Its main advantages are the following:

  • high efficiency;
  • high stability of the process;
  • low sludge production;
  • small built-up area needed;
  • high quality biogas produced and its utilisation;
  • low operational costs and long useful life.

For anaerobic treatment 2 types of anaerobic reactors are installed:

  • UASB reactors
  • IC reactors

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