Aurel d.o.o.

- Model AUSY-203M3SL/PN - Analog Mikroprocesor Gas Detection Central Unit



Measuring, warning and controlling device series for toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases and vapours. The gas controller type AUSY can monitor three detectors gas type PDP-13EX.

  • Analog microprocesor gas detection central unit type AUSY
  • Power supply: 230VAC, UPS 12VDC, 12 Ah
  • Alarm relay: 12VDC, 10A NC/NO, 3x potential-free
  • Fault relay: (1) 250 VAC, 5 A, potential-free, change-over SPDT
  • Possibility of time delays and startup executive functions
  • Sound-light LED status display: pre alarm, alarm, fault, service
  • Acceptance of a three detectors gas type PDP-13EX
  • Possibility of connecting various indicators (siren, flashlight, relay outputs ...)
  • Working environment of -10C to +45 C (not for outdoor use)
  • Note: when ordering necessarily pay attention to the kind of gas is detected, the number of relay outputs, the number of detectors / probes, and the type and quantity indicators.
  • HRN EN 60025:2005
  • HRN EN 55014-1; HRN EN 55014-2
  • HRN EN 61000-3-2; HRN EN 61000-3-3

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