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- Model C-102 - Zero Headspace Extractors


The Analytical Testing Model C-102 Zero Headspace Extractor (ZHE) has been approved by USEPA to evaluate the mobility of volatile organic compounds regulated by EPA test method 1311 TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure, page 25.) The model C-102 ZHE is used to simulate the leaching of these regulated compounds in USEPA's Land Ban Restrictions Federal Register November 7, 1986.

The Analytical Testing ZHE is precision tool from high quality 316 grade stainless steel. The C-102 is constructed without welds and requires only 3 Viton O-rings for operation. The functionally simple mechanical design is durable and allows easy sample loading and filtration. The C-102 holds a standard 90mm filter.

  • Accessories such as compressed gas cylinders, regulators, pumps, 500ml loading syringes or auxiliary pressure vessels are not required
  • Controlled fluid input and filtration
  • Requires only 3 Viton O-rings
  • Durable construction and easy cleaning

ZHE comes equipped with filter support screens, syringe adapter for sample collection and ferruled discharge tube for connection to Tedlar bags. Extraction fluid is pulled into the ZHE from a 4L fluid reservoir by connecting a hose to the ZHE valve and simply turning the handle at the base of the ZHE piston rod. The ZHE handle may be easily turned by hand. To achieve initial dewatering and final liquid/solid separation, apply pressure using torque wrench calibrated in inch/pounds.

  • The Analytical Testing ZHE is pressurized mechanically by hand, eliminating the need for opening and closing safety relief valves
  • Extraction fluid is drawn into the vessel without being pressurized
  • Piston is easily removed for cleaning without the use of a ram
  • Model C-102 ZHE is securely mounted on DC-20 series Rotary Agitators with easy-open clamps

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