Rainbow Trees

Rainbow Trees

Anthurium Andreanum

The exotic flowers of the Anthurium have a distinctive air of luxury – large waxy flowers against a backdrop of glossy heart shaped leaves. The flowering extends over a number of months, each bloom lasting for many weeks. Anthuriums are relatively easy to grow.

Plant Care

Anthurium prefer filtered light, keep away from direct sunlight. Anthuriums are a tropical plant and will tolerate temperatures down to 15 degrees celcius. Water regularly and avoid drying the plant out. Anthuriums prefer reasonable humidity. Feed with a balanced liquid fertiliser during the summer months and ensure a good quality peat based mix is used when repotting. Tolerant to most diseases but can be affected by aphids, scale and mites.

Special Features

Many of the new selections have varying spathe colours from red, orange, white through to purples such as Anouk. A recent introduction has a chocolate coloured spathe and is called Brown Giant. Anthuriums are also used as cut flowers and in generally the larger the plant the larger the flower will be.


Anthuriums are used as feature plants in the home, conservatory or in subtropical gardens.


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