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- Anti Corrosion Glass Fused Steel Tanks



Glass fused to steel tank is the prefabricated tanks, which made of Ti-rich steel sheet and enamel frits.The steel plates are coated with enamel powder and burned in oven which makes them superior connection with both . Glass fused steel tank is wide used in water supply and wastewater treatment , biogas or anaerobic digester, and dry bulk storage field .

  • Design Life: 50 Years
  • Coating Thickness: 0.25mm~0.40mm , Two Layer Of Coating Internal And External
  • Foundation: Concrete Or Glass Fused Steel
  • Size Of Panel: 2.4M * 1.2M
  • Feature: Eco-friendly, Durability
  • Applications: Water , Waste Water, Digester , Reactor , Grain , Sludge , Chemicals

Quick Details of GFS tank

  1. Type : Glass fused anaerobic digerster tank
  2. Color : Cobalt blue,green , sky blue,or custom color
  3. Usage : Wastewater , faeces ect.
  4. Roof : Double membrane roof,glass fused to steel roof
  5. Size : From 50m3-18000m3
  6. Service Life : more than 30 years
  7. PH range : Standard sheet PH:3-11 , Special sheet PH : 1-14
  8. Holiday test : More than 1500V
  9. Corrosion resistance : Excellent ,suitable for wastewater , salt water , sea water , high sulfur crude oil , salt fog , organic and inorganic compounds
  10. Hardness : 6.0 mohs
  11. Elastic : Same as steel sheet , around 500 KN/mm
  12. Adhesion : 3,450 N/cm

  • Glass coated steel tank is wide used as anaerobic tanks and aerobic tanks in the field of biogas plant.
  • Glass coated steel tank is used as edible oil tanks, feed tanks,grain tanks, wine tanks, and so on.
  • Glass coated steel tank is used as waste water containers, filters, digesters, bio-reactors, waste water settling tanks, intermediate process tanks, sedimentation basin, fermentation tanks, etc.
  • Glass coated steel tank is also used in fire and rescue system and agriculture irrigation storage system .

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