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- Ultra-High Efficiency Filter (UHF) System



APC Technologies, Inc.'s Ultra High-Efficiency Filter systems (UHF) use a proprietary design to remove fine condensed and solid particulate emissions with control efficiency of up to and in excess of 99% including sub-micron size particulate.

Broad Range of Applications
Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems (UHF) control oil mists, wet/sticky and or oily dust, condensed hydrocarbons, smoke, haze, submicron particulate, indoor plant air, and certain odors. The UHF design is especially advantageous against competing technologies for oily, sticky, and/or wet emissions. UHF systems can also provide some removal of certain gas-phase contaminants such as VOC's, odors, and mercury.

Applications include: adhesives, aluminum, asphalt plants, auto shredding, bacterial contamination, bakeries, industrial boilers, chemical plants, coating operations, food processing, industrial furnaces, furniture, foundries, waste incinerators, plant indoor air quality, lime kilns, oil/petroleum processes, plating, plastics, polymers, power plants, printing, pulp and paper operations, rendering, resins, roofing, rubber, pharmaceuticals, scrap processing, sealants, specialty metals, steel, textiles, and wastewater treatment, and wood products manufacture, and others.

Proven Through Performance
UHF systems have a proven track record of reliability and consistent performance in a wide variety of applications and demanding environments.

Low Capital Cost
Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems incorporate a simple, compact design with generally much lower space requirements, and low capital cost.

Low Operating Cost
Filter replacement is simple and performed while the system is on line, in typically 5-10 minutes, with no unit or process downtime. Filter media rolls are inexpensive. The UHF system is virtually maintenance free, even in the messiest applications.

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