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Our high performance tapes for use with all our products. Apollo Insulation Ltd has developed two high performance, heat reflecting tapes for use in the building sector, Thermo-Foil and EncaSeal Tape.

Both products have been tested to confirm a life-span of at least 20 years. Apollo’s Thermo-Foil Tape is used to seal the joins between adjacent sheets, of Eco-Brite and Thermo-Foil ES. It is also used to seal off these products around stud-work, door or window frames. So without having to using a variety of other tapes the structure can be effectively sealed preventing air infiltration and ensuring the building meets its mandatory air pressure test.

The aluminium surface of the EncaSeal tape has a special coating that ensures it’s UV resistant, bright surface never tarnishes. 100% waterproof and bug proof, this Class 0 fire rated material has a tough high density polyethylene (HDPE) substrate core essential for a long working life and keeping wastage to a minimum during installation.

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