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- Model 25 - Pilot Systems



This installation is a pilot system specially designed for continuous operation with aggressive fluids such as acids and brine solutions on site. Remote control and data-logging are standard. The unit consists of three standard-sized pallets which contain the brine circulation loop, the distillate circulation loop, and the core of the unit with membrane modules and several heat exchangers for regeneration, heating, and cooling. The capacity for normal seawater with a temperature range of 20-85 °C results in a distillate production of approximately 200 l/hour

Multiple Configurations

For large commercial plants we use standard building blocks which we also use in the units mentioned in the AQUA|FLEX 100 and AQUA|FLEX 150R units. This approach provides great flexibility, reliability and production capacity for the customer by placing several units next to each other. The system can be quickly installed and expanded to customers’ needs. For specialized full scale industrial configurations please contact us to discuss a number of possibilities in detail.

Multiple Configurations

For large commercial plants we use standard building blocks, the same used for the AQUA|FLEX 100 and AQUA|FLEX 150R units. By placing several units next to each other, this approach provides great flexibility, reliability, and variability in the production capacity for the customer. The system can be installed quickly and expanded to suit customers’ needs. For specialized full-scale industrial configurations, please contact us to discuss the possibilities in detail.


Feed/bleed block an distillate production block

For the feed/bleed block and the distillate production block we use a standardized unit consisting of two tanks; a circulation pump; a discharge pump; the transmitter for flow, temperature, and pressure measurements; and an E-cabinet.

Heat input block and heat removal block

These blocks consist of two levels, whereby the lower level provides or discharges heat by means of a heat exchanger and the upper level holds six membrane modules. Piping trays are integrated on the skid for feed and discharging of the modules.

Heat regeneration block

This block can be added to the above four blocks when there is a need for heat regeneration. An extra heat exchanger regenerates the heat that is lost due to water evaporation in the membrane modules. The heat exchanger is installed on the first level and extra optional membrane modules can be installed on the second level of the pallet.

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