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- Side-Stream Filtration System


The Aqua-Stream side-stream filtration system uses high efficiency centrifugal technology to remove solid contaminants and control bacteria in cooling towers. By removing waterborne deposits and bacteria, the filter improves heat transfer efficiency, decreases energy costs, slows corrosion, and decreases the need for water treatment chemicals by up to 90%. In addition to providing high performance solids removal, the Aqua-Stream uses a unique EPA-registered antimicrobial filter media, Pathex, to control and kill bacteria on contact.

The Aqua-Stream side-stream filter pairs centrifugal technology with single or multiple high efficiency filters configured to meet the flow rate requirement for your cooling tower system. The device continuously filters a portion of the cooling water, reducing down time and providing constant filtration and purification. Large particles are trapped by the filter bed, and smaller particles are removed by cross-flow action. Automatic backwashing removes solids collected by the media bed to keep the filter clean and prevent caking in the media bed. 

Unlike traditional sand filters, the Aqua-Stream removes 95% of suspended solids down to the sub micron level (0.5 microns) and simultaneously kills and controls waterborne bacteria. Additionally, combining its high efficiency design with Pathex filter media requires 50% less backwash than competitive products.  

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