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The Aquagrey Indoor Grey Water system consists of three components: The aerobic treatment (AT) and Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) consists of several tanks to collect the grey water from showers, baths and washbasins and for biological preparation by means of venting and a preinstalled filter unit (ultra filtration). This filters viruses, bacteria and suspended matter out of the grey water. The purified water is transported into the clear water tank without the use of a further pump by means of patented airlift technology.

The purified grey water is stored in the clear water tank (CWT) and could be conveyed by a submerged force pump to the points of use. If additional water is required, the clear water tank could topped up with mains water in compliance with EN1717.

Technical components: Aeration pump, vacuum unit and system controller are pre-mounted on a console, which could be installed easily inside of the building.

  • Processes domestic water for properties with up to two hundred persons
  • Supplies water for toilets, washing machines and garden watering by filtering grey water from basins and
  • Complete system for Indoor installation

  • Space demand low, ideal for belated assembly
  • Up to 50% water saving
  • Patented air-lift technology for max. energy efficiency
  • No chemical additives needed
  • Fast, vacuum-based filter system
  • Clear water meets or exceeds the European Directive quality level for bath water
  • Low maintenance & installation-friendly components
  • Automated processes, remote maintenance optional

  • Designed for a daily output up to 10000l (equates to the maximum grey water output from up to 200 people)
  • High efficiency through almost 100% saving of mains water for flushing toilets and for laundering
  • All components are compact
  • Water treatment and storage outside the home
  • Peak consumption periods are absorbed by means of buffer storage
  • Operation via a 4-line display
  • Can be combined with rainwater usage systems
  • Remote maintenance and conversion analyses by means of GSM or a fixed line optional
  • Fault notification by SMS, email & fax Optional

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