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- Model PSS-90 RO/DI - Water System



The AQUATHIN Demand Subsoil' MR (Model PSS-90), is the most compact system on the market It is easily installed and can be attached to your icemaker The AQUATHIN PSS-90 has a 14, 4 or 2 gallon storage capacity and produces 'salt-pee' water far dairy use. This unit return sail, heavy metals, chemicals, pollutants, nitrates, pesticides and disease causing water borne micro-organisms FOH THE BEST TASTE IN IJFE A patented reverie osmosis-deinization process with the same component parts as the Kitchentop unit, and many features of the Platinum VO Comes with a pressure demand assembly so you produce only what you need, then your AQUATHIN turns off automatically.

  • Only aquathin provides the patented Intelligent electronic memory panel  With these self diagnostic features: system Power, storace tank full, system on/off, System flushing, low tap water Pressure. (note: pss-90 is manual flush)
  • Only aquathin provides the pump jack Feature for quick installation of pda Booster pump for added capacity or when Low pressure is a problem.
  • Only aquathin provides the patented Reverse osmosis plus deionization Water purification process.
  • Only aquathin manufactures an anodized all aluminum frame to resist rust and corrosion while providing a lifetime of support. The NSF approved purified water reservoir inlet is high quality stainless Steel.
  • Only aquathin provides built-in micro Pump/system guard that is fully automated. 24 volt certified UL, CSA, TUV, BSI. Further, aquathin® systems utilize Components made from materials that are NSF and FDA approved.
  • ...and only aquathin offers patented cairfreegap dispensing faucet.

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