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- Model Expedition 150 - Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification Unit



The Aquifer Expedition 150 is a highly portable yet powerful reverse osmosis (RO) water purification unit (ROWPU) designed to desalinate brackish or fresh water sources while also removing or reducing select chemical contaminants from brackish, seawater or fresh water sources. Every Expedition comes complete and ready to run. It includes a submersible feed water pump capable of delivering water 10 feet up a cliff and 50 feet away! The system is enclosed in a corrosion proof, military grade case with a feed water pressure gauge, product water flow meter, and hand held salinity monitor all as standard features. Powered by any 24V DC source, the system is so efficient that it can be run from a vehicle’s electrical system, a solar panel, or battery bank.  All this, while producing up to 23.5 LPH of pure drinking water per hour on an incredible 4.5 amps.

  • Output: 8,500 - 19,000LPD
  • Weight: 36.57kg
  • Power: 135W
  • Dimensions: 0.585m x 0.585m x 610m
  • Treatment Chain: Microfiltration, tannin remediation, GAC, UV, optional chlorination
  • Portability: 2 person
  • Operators: 1 person
  • Optional Modules: Mil-spec cases, collapsible bladders, intake strainers, custom hose kits, heat trace line

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