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If your home or business requires an internal tanking solution, the best (and cheapest) time to do it is when you are reinstating your property from a flood or building in a known flood plain. It’s a meticulous process and ideally all internal fixtures and fittings need to be removed from inside the property. This includes fitted kitchens and even your stairs as the tanking solution needs to form a continuous seal around all the internal walls of your property.

If you are fitting flood doors or barriers the internal tanking systems needs to connect to these as well to ensure the whole property is watertight.

There are numerous ways to waterproof a property using Type A, B, or C protection systems and often a combined solution is advisable especially if your property is very close to a river and certainly all new builds should consider external tanking solutions in their initial designs.

External tanking solutions (membranes or slurries) are hugely effective because they experience a positive pressure on the property which reinforces their attributes.

Whichever solution is chosen, it is imperative the systems are installed by the manufacturer’s accredited installers to ensure it works as promised as well as obtaining their insurance backed guarantees from failure.

  • Resilient flood solution
  • Typically used below ground to waterproof basements
  • Increasingly used above ground for flood protection and rising damp treatments
  • Solutions must include sumps, pumps, alarms and BACKUP systems
  • Cavity Drain Membrane solutions to BS
  • Professionally installed solutions only with certified partners

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