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- Model a-SMU - 100 - Tank and Container Monitoring Unit



Tank and container monitoring unit for quantity measuring. aSMU may receive information from many different types of sensors, but when possible a weight based measurement gives the most reliable information of the containers quantity. Even if the produce remains on one side of container it does not have an effect on measurement.

aSMU has been designed to measure content quantity of one or two containers. In to aSMU can be attached two 4-20 mA measurement amplifiers. It calculates content quantity from measurement signal according to desired diagram and show the result on local display. There is also 0…10V output from content quantity to other systems.

Device has GSM/GPRS-modem which is used to send data to a-Log.net internet service. Also the settings of aSMU can be changed through that service. In addition to that device has five programmable alarm limits per channel. Alarms can be sent to webservice or directly to user mobile phone.

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