- Model AME - Chain Driven Bar Screen



Chain Driven Bar Screens (AME) are the mostly preferred screening equipment for removal of solids sizing in a wide range. They are specially designed for installation as coarse and fine screens for medium and large sized water and wastewater treatment plants. Chain Driven Bar Screen “AME” is mainly consisting of bar screens, frame, dead plate and discharge chute which is equipped with a ladle rake and a counter cleaning mechanism.

The bar screens are cleaned by the help of a ladle rake which is connected to an endless chain operating between two sprockets. The ladle rake is lowered down to the bottom of the channel in open position. It is closed at the bottom to clean the debris which is settled on the screen bars and moves up. The collected debris in the ladle rake is cleaned by a counter wiper when the ladle rake reaches to discharge point. Here the screenings are either removed to a container or a transporter for further processing.

  • Bar spacing: 8 ÷ 60 mm
  • Channel width: 600 ÷ 3000 mm
  • Discharge height: up to 15 m
  • Installation Angle: Installation Angle: 75° ÷ 80°
  • Material: Carbon steel with surface protection or Stainless Steel

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