- Model FBP - Belt Filter Press



ASTiM belt filter presses provide the premium process for continuously converting slurry (sludge) into a moist cake. The sludge is processed in three distinct stages: Flocculation, Gravity drainage, Compression and shear.

  • Carbon steel with hot dip galvanized or completely stainless steel frame.
  • Open design or optionally stainless steel or Plexiglas protection panels for side covering.
  • High quality filter belt for high cake dryness. Polypropylene belts provide long life.
  • Precise belt tracking and tensioning systems for belt safety and clean, reliable operation
  • Heavy duty bearings to ensure minimum maintenance requirement and long life
  • Large diameter stainless steel perforated drums for efficient dewatering and pressure boosting
  • Rubber covered drive and tensioning rollers, polyamide rilsan covered compression and shearing rollers

  • Municipal or Industrial Waste and Wastewater Plants
  • Manure and Agricultural Processes
  • Textile Industry
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Food Processing
  • Mining and Metal Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry

Material: Carbon steel with surface protection or Stainless Steel

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