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Providing permanent chlorine residual records normally means purchasing a residual chlorine monitor and connecting the output of the monitor to a separate recorder. ATI’s B20 provides an integrated solution to this problem, combining both the analyzer and recorder functions in a single package.  This means simpler installation, easier operation, and lower cost. And best of all, the system uses our direct measuring membraned sensor for reliable measurement with minimal maintenance.

Series B20 chlorine recorders use the same reliable chlorine sensor supplied for years as part of our Series A15 monitoring systems. The sensor is a direct measuring polarographic membraned sensor that eliminates the need for chemical buffers and other reagents. Sensors are available for free chlorine measurements or for combined chlorine monitoring where chloramine treatment is in use. Chlorine sensors require a constant sample flow past the membrane to provide stable and accurate readings. B20 systems are supplied with a constant-head flowcell assembly that automatically maintains the desired flow. Hose barbs for sample inlet and drain provide for connection of flexible PVC tubing.

  • Free or combined chlorine recording
  • Direct measuring chlorine sensor
  • Modular sensor for easy service
  • Simple constant-head flowcell
  • Digital concentration display
  • Replaceable felt tip chart pens
  • Selectable 24-hour or 7-day chart
  • No chemical reagents required
  • Two alarm standard
  • NEMA 3 wall or panel mount enclosure

This product has multiple models. See additional links below photo:

An on-line Chlorine Recorder shall be provided to continuously measure free chlorine residual at the (Specify Location). Each Free Chlorine Recorder System shall consist of a direct measuring chlorine sensor, a clear constant-head sensor flowcell, 25 feet of sensor interconnect cable with a quick disconnect plug, and a 10 inch circular chart recorder with integral sensor amplifier and suitable for either wall or panel mounting.

The chlorine sensor shall be a direct measuring polarographic sensor utilizing a special polymeric membrane to isolate the sensing electrodes from the sample and eliminate the potential for electrode contamination. The membrane shall allow free residual chlorine to diffuse into the sensor where it will react with the sensing electrode, generating a signal that is linearly proportional to free chlorine concentration. The sensor assembly shall also contain an RTD temperature sensor to continuously measure sample temperature and apply compensation to the measured chlorine value. The chlorine sensor shall be constructed with a quick disconnect receptacle to allow for easy sensor servicing or exchange. Chlorine sensors shall be supplied complete with at least 10 spare membranes, a bottle of electrolyte and a spare parts kit that includes all o-rings and special hardware.

The sensor flowcell assembly supplied with the recording-monitor shall be constructed of clear material allowing the condition of the sensor membrane to be inspected without removal of the sensor. The sensor shall slide easily into the side of the flowcell, with a double o-ring seal to prevent water leakage. Flow to the sensor shall be regulated automatically through a constant-head overflow arrangement. Hose barbs for sample inlet (1/4” I.D. tubing) and drain (1/2” I.D. tubing) shall be supplied as part of the flowcell.

The Free Chlorine Recording-Monitor shall provide a 10 inch circular chart, for the purpose of continuously recording chlorine concentration and with a scale of 0-100 % representing the selected measuring range. The Chlorine Recording-Monitor shall be housed in a NEMA 3 enclosure with a circular glass viewing window. An LCD display shall be provided to directly display chlorine concentration and is to be visible without opening the door of the recorder. The chart speed shall be selectable for either 24-hour or 7-day and the measuring ranges to be adjustable from 0-5 PPM or 0-20 PPM programmable through the front programming keypad. A box of 25 chart papers shall be provided scaled 0-100% with one side for 24 hour rotation and the other for 7 day rotation.

The complete Residual Chlorine Recording-Monitor shall be Series B20/62 as manufactured by Analytical Technology, Inc. or approved equal.

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