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Sigma Space has the expertise and facilities to deliver a variety of technology-driven instruments quickly and affordably, as demonstrated by the capabilities of our atmospheric sensors showed in this section.


Built for NASA, TWiLiTE is the first clear-air Doppler wind speed measurement system to fly on a high-altitude aircraft. The system uses a double-edge detection technique to determine wind speed and direction over altitude for atmospheric monitoring and enhanced weather models.

Sigma Space has supported TWiLiTE throughout its life cycle, including designing and fabricating the data acquisition system, performing final instrument assembly and alignment, handling the data collected by the system, and supporting ER-2 field campaigns.

More recently, Sigma Space configured one of its labs for TWiLiTE, developing custom ground support equipment to facilitate in-lab sky-view testing. Utilizing this advanced workspace, we successfully upgraded and reconfigured the TWiLiTE instrument for the Global Hawk aircraft.

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