- Model AT6103 - Mobile Radiation Scanning System



Mobile system is designed for ground radiation survey and search for gamma and neutron radiation sources with GPS-mapping. The system can be mounted on a motor vehicle, marine vessel or aircraft carrier with no need for any special tools. The system need no connection to on-board power of the carrier, though can be controlled and managed by operator as well.

  • Set of monitors (1– 6)
  • Tablet PC
  • Accessories kit
  • Software

Each monitor has 1 - 3 integrated smart probes.
Number of monitors and smart probes in each monitor can be selected by user.
System scalability in terms of monitors allows gamma and neutron radiation response control over a wide range.

  • Identification and assessment of land and facility radiation environment from vehicle, helicopter, etc.
  • Mapping of radiation levels and surface contamination density
  • Search of lost radioactive sources
  • Traffic control of radioactive substances and materials
  • Public events radiation safety control
  • Detection of radioactive anomalies
  • Monitoring of nuclear incident consequences at Nuclear Power Plants
  • Discover facts and effects of nuclear weapon testing or use

  • User-selectable set of smart probes
  • High system scalability in terms of sensitivity to gamma and neutron radiation
  • Automatic simultaneous gamma and neutron radiation scanning
  • Search and detection of radioactive sources and real-time identification of its isotopic composition
  • Automatic accommodation to change of radiation background level
  • Simultaneous measurement of gamma radiation spectral distribution and dose rate
  • Dosimetric scanning in wide dose rate range of gamma radiation (up to 10 Sv/h); readout conversion to surface activity
  • Scanning data are constantly recorded for further analysis
  • Expert software for further data processing and analysis
  • Built-in GPS receiver with ability to connect external GPS antenna
  • Storage and operation in protective shock-resistant cases

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