- Model SACA - Water Control & Analiser System



The Water control & analiser system SACA is designed for the fully-automatic measurement and monitoring of the boiler water quality.

Faultless boiler operation is dependent on good water quality. The water analyzer continuously measures and monitors:

  • pH value of feed water
  • O2 content of feed water
  • Residual hardness of make-up water
  • pH value of boiler water

All data are transmitted to costumer system control. This means that all key water parameters including the conductivities of the boiler water and condensate streams are allways under control.

  • Reduced dosing agent consumption due to precise continuous measurement and control
  • Increased operating reliability due to analysis of measurement results
  • Automatic measurements save time
  • User is immediately notified of deviations to allow rapid action to be taken
  • Less damage caused by incorrect water parameters
  • Reduction in desalination and blow-down losses thanks to dosing according to individual requirements

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