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- Model 2100-1 - Multichannel Flow Detector



The Model 2100-1 was a multichannel flow detector providing flow/no flow detection of dry solids and a relay contact to indicate alarm. For replacement we suggest the Models U3200 and U3800.

The Triboflow Flow 8lockage Detectors are the only flow monitors available that detect blockages and upsets through Auburn's unique triboelectric technology. Now the Triboflow Model 2100-1 brings this advanced technology with lower cost to all types of solids flow monitoring applications.

The Model 2100-1 is the multichannel version of the Triboflow Model 2200-1 Solids Flow Detector. The multichannel Model 2100 permits the use of six, eight, or ten sensors to monitor similar applications from one set of electronics, thus substantially reducing per point costs.

The Triboflow Multipoint Model 2100-1 continuously monitors each sensor output measuring an electrical charge transfer generated when particles in the flow stream collide with Triboflow's probe. This charge transfer — known as the triboelectric effect — occurs when these particles strike the probe and is continuously monitored as a current. The level of this signal is monitored against a preset and adjustable norm. Any significant loss of this signal, caused by a loss of flow, will trigger a contact closure that activates an alarm.

This unique and highly reliable method allows prompt warning of flow disruptions. The Model 2100-1 employs a separate channel to monitor each sensor, allowing the characteristics of each channel to be tailored to the needs of that particular sensor.

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