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Model M5-A-S1 - Auto Isokinetic Sampling System



The M5-A-S1 Auto Isokinetic system is designed with continuous auto data logging capabilities and uses a Venturi to monitor and signal pressure adjustments automatically.  The heart of the system is the A-2000 console and utilizes field tested probe assemblies, liners, and sample cases already in use by testers.  The M5-A-S1 also employs a Carbon Vane Oiless Pump.  The Auto Isokinetic M5-S1 system reduces manpower and operator error while expediting reporting. (click on image to enlarge).

  • Automated Sampling Console with Flow Control and Carbon Vane Oiless Pump
  • Sample Cases, including Hot Box and Impinger Box
  • Stainless Steel Lined Probe Assembly and Nozzles
  • Umbilical with an Adapter and Venturi Pressure Taps
  • A Single Set of Glassware
  • Clean Out Brush
  • Nomograph or Calculator with Custom Software
  • Suspension Rail System

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