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Automated Corrosion Test Chamber


Designed to combine the capabilities of a temperature/humidity test chamber and a salt-spray cabinet into one workspace, Thermotron's Automated Corrosion Test (ACT) chambers are extremely versatile. ACT chambers eliminate the need to manually transfer products from one environment to another.


Thermotron's completely automated cyclic corrosion test chamber is able to accurately simulate the corrosive conditions products encounter with actual outdoor exposure but in far less time. The ample workspace allows for a variety of components to be tested inside the chamber. An adjustable stainless steel shelf raises the product off the chamber floor, providing more accurate exposure. A full front opening door accommodates easy access to the entire workspace for easy loading and unloading of product. Salt and water spray nozzles are easily adjustable ensuring proper product exposure.

Our chambers have been used to test the corrosion resistance of automotive components, paints and coatings, metal treatments, sealants, and electronics.

  • Model Number: ACT-27
  • Workspace Volume: 27 cu ft (764L)
  • Temperature Range: +4.5°C to +75°C, (+45°F to +167°F)
  • Humidity Range: <30% to 100% RH (water fog humidity)

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