Porvair Filtration Group

- Automated Pore Size and Permeability Analysis



The Porvair Filtration Group Porometer4 is a software driven instrument for measuring the pore size distribution in a wide range of porous media using a host computer for remote operation and data processing. The instrument is designed for maximum simplicity of use and reduces operator skills to basic data input to give a new standard of reliability in media analysis. No ‘warm-up’ time is required for the instrument.

With a simple click on the on-screen menu, the Porvair Porometer4 enters an automatic cycle to measure:

  • bubble point pressure
  • maximum pore size
  • mean flow pore size
  • minimum pore size
  • complete pore size distribution (cumulative flow, differential flow, cumulative number and differential number air permeability).
  • Pore sizes ranging from 0.05µm to 300µm equivalent diameter can be measured.

Designed in conjunction with the original UK instrument company, Coulter Electronics, as the official replacement for the industry-standard Coulter Porometer 1 and 2, the Porvair Porometer4 displays an exceptionally improved performance and repeatability, and provides users with a reliable standard benchmark instrument for production control or porous media development.

The Porometer4 is mercury free and, under compliance with local Health and Safety regulations, analysis can be safely performed without the use of toxic or dangerous chemicals. The instrument complies with EU standard CE and ROHS regulations.

All original Coulter 1 and 2 materials and wetting agents can be used in the new Porometer4.

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