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- Model ET5101 - Automatic Dust and Flue Gas Analyzer



With the latest technological achievements, including the dust flue gas sampling, control and signal processing, analysis, computation and communications, displays,etc, ET5101 automatic dust flue gas analyzer is a new, practical and combining environmental analysis instruments. It has embedded industrial computer, high-brightness color touch-screen, large-flow pump and high-precision sensors, which gets the general unmatched features and performance. It can be used in environmental protection, safety supervision, labor prevention, research and other departments, measuring emission concentration and emissions of a variety of boilers or industrial furnaces, the efficiency of dust removal and desulfurization equipment, and also complete the calibration and evaluation of CEMS system.

  • Integrated combo structural design, dust concentration measurement with filter weight method and also has the function of flue gas analyzer
  • Combined sampling tube can complete sampling, measuring the temperature, pressure and other parameter at the same time
  • Flow rate dynamic tracking for isokinetic sampling method to ensure sampling accuracy
  • Can accommodate as much as 6 sensors
  • Tempered glass touch-screen, with Chinese interface
  • Rotatable LCD display is still visible in the sun
  • Embedded industrial computers, strong anti-interference, suitable for a variety of industrial field
  • Large-capacity memory, can store 8000 sets of data
  • LCD display can work in -40 ℃, especially for the wild, cold place
  • Measure the emission concentration, commutation concentration and emissions of flue dust
  • Measure and evaluate the efficiency of dedusting and desulfurization equipment
  • Measure and calibrate the Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)
  • Determinate excess air coefficient of furnace cellar
  • Determinate flue gas exhaust parameters (dynamic pressure, static pressure, temperature, flow rate, standard dry flow, moisture content, etc.)
  • Automatic fault detection, data protection in case of power off
  • Calculate the sampling distribution points, and buzzer sounds after sampling
  • Prevent the dust sucking back to ensure sampling accuracy
  • Identify flue gas sensor automatically
  • Ammend temperature and pressure automatically and read standard state data directly
  • Data Query

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