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- Automatic Filtration Range Disc Filters



AZUD range of products present multiple combinations to an efficient and economic filtration process, adapting to the different types of water and especial requirements of the agricultural, gardening, golf courses and landscaping areas.

AZUD filtration system have been designed to:

  • Protect all the elements of the hydraulic system, avoiding clogging in control elements, protection or water emission.
  • Adequate the quality of water to the required levels.
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of the maintenance labours.

AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC range is based in a filtering element with a self-cleaning mechanism, which is activated when the direction of the flow is inverted. AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC incorporates the advantages of Modular and Helix Technologies.

  • Autonomous filters which incorporate self-cleaning filtering elements.
  • Sequential backflushing: the filtration process is not interrupted during backflushing.
  • Filtering elements in discs for filtration grades from 5 to 400 micron. Wide filtering surface.
  • Manufactured in technical plastic, compatible with most of the products commonly used in chemical treatments of the water, guarantying the lack of corrosion areas.
  • Maintenance without tooling.
  • Maximum hydrodynamic efficiency. Its studied design generates a minimum head loss.
  • Water and electricity saving.
  • Low maintenance. Maximum resistance, with movable parts not susceptible to wearing by working.

Certain applications or process require:

  • High autonomy and effectiveness in the backflushing with low working pressure (AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC LP Equipments).
  • Specific materials compatible with sea water and or saline water (AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC SEA WATER Equipments).

Complete operation guarantee and life with high operation pressures (HP Equipments).

Optimization of the filtration process with minimum consumption of water in the backflushing (AA Equipments).

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