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Our Automatic Tarping Machine (ATM) is a patented self-contained unit that attaches to your heavy equipment to unroll and retrieve different types of fabric panels. Each ATM is equipped with adjustable brackets that can be lifted by the blade of your dozer or trash compactor, offering quick and easy attachment and removal from the equipment. The ATM uses a hydraulic drive motor and engaging system to unwind and rewind the tarp spool with variable speed control. Each machine is powered by a 26 1/2 Horse Power Caterpillar Tier 4 Diesel Engine. Unlike our competitors, you can easily disconnect and reconnect spools, using a single ATM to link a series of tarps together to cover or uncover your landfill's working face.

Your equipment operator has complete control of the ATM's engine, height of the spool, and forward or reverse rolling through a controller unit placed in the cab, or via wireless remote. Using the equipment's own capabilities, your operator also has control over the ATM's height and tilt for even tracking when winding or unwinding a tarp over uneven terrain.

Our system is fits custom sizes, but mostly 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft wide panels of various lengths, and can be adapted to a wide range of your heavy equipment. Our patented Cable Keeper locks the crossing cables to the outside pocket to keep the tarp at the desired width. Our specialized Tuff Tarps, utilize a heavy woven, coated, and fire-resistant polyethylene fabric.

If smell is an issue, our ATM has an additional Deodorizing System that utilizes a mounted spray tank, along with mounted nozzles along the arms of the machine that will spray on demand from the comfort of the cab of your dozer or compactor. There are a variety of scents that can be utilized.

The Tarpomatic system was designed for landfill solutions, but can be custom fabricated to fit any purpose.

  • Dedicated remote system that controls all functions.
  • Saves valuable airspace to extend the life of your landfill and help increase your revenues.
  • Utilizes Tuff Tarp, a heavily woven, coated and fire-resistant polyethylene fabric.
  • Fast and easy operation saves you many costly man hours.
  • Automatic covering and uncovering takes your employees out of direct contact with waste.
  • Powered by 26 ½ HP Tier 4 Caterpillar Diesel Engine
  • Patented Cable Keeper system locks crossing cables into the outside pocket to ensure your tarp stays at desired width.
  • Deodorizing systems available.
  • Non-dragging application and retrieval dramatically extends the lifespan of your tarps.
  • Weighted tarps with cable pockets and/or chains for ballast.

The illustration below shows useful landfill space saved when you use Tarpomatic's alternative daily cover instead of importing fill to clever the working face at the end of every day.

If you visit our purchasing process page, you can learn just how much you can save with our system by filling in your current daily cover fill requirements. We'll quickly send you with figures you can use when you budget for your purchase.

You will, of course, be under absolutely no obligation to purchase based on your inquiry, but we're certain that what you learn will be quite interesting!


Sample Dimensions for 40 ft Tarp:

  • 48 ft (14.63 m) wide x 67 in (170 cm) high Weight: 6,000 lb (2,727.3 kg)
  • Dedicated remote system that controls all functions.
  • Powered by a 26 1/2 Horse Power Caterpillar Tier 4 Diesel Engine
  • Heavy duty, variable speed, electrically controlled hydraulic drive --system Hydraulic spool carrying arms
  • Includes one spool assembly (additional spool assemblies available)
  • Accommodates 20 ft, 30ft, 40 ft, 50 ft wide panels, custom sizes are available as well.
  • Supports 2,500 lb (1,136.4 kg) maximum tarp weight
  • Adjustable mounting brackets can be easily changed to hook up to --various pieces of your equipment

  • Check all fluids.
  • Line blade up with the ATM bracket and slowly move forward until the blade is next to the rear side of the ATM lifting bracket.
  • Do not lift yet.
  • Locate The ATM Control and transmitter(handheld remote)
  • Initialize the glow plug for six seconds. Three glow plug cycles may be used in very cold weather.
  • Sync the ATM control box to the Transmitter(handheld remote) and start the engine.
  • Turn the ATM's ignition switch to the left and hold for ten seconds, and then start. The engine has a six second quick glow plug. Do not hold the plug position for more than six seconds. (See your ATM engine manual for details.)
  • The engine and hydrolyc drive system are activated by using either the remote or toggle switch in the ATM control box.
  • Tube rotation, forward and reverse, raising and lowering of the tarp spool, lights, ignition and optional deodorizer are functional through the remote.
  • The drive shaft is engaged into and disengaged from the tarp spool by using either a toggle switch located behind the drive motor, or via the remote.
  • To hook up to the tarp spool, line up the ATM with the spool and move slowly forward with the carrier arms in the down position.
  • Raise the carrier arms when the spool is centered.
  • Pull down and lock into place with the top hold-downs, located on each end.
  • Hold the drive shaft in line with the spool while activating the toggle switch to put the shaft into the tarp spool.
  • To unhook from the spool, reverse the above procedure.
  • Drive the ATM to the top of the working face with a full tarp spool in place.
  • Deploy the tarp by activating the hydraulic drive and simultaneously backing your equipment until the working face is covered.
  • Hook the tarp to the ATM spool.
  • Activate the hydraulic drive and move forward to roll the tarp onto the spool.
  • If the tarp is not rolling onto the spool straight, tilt the blade to straighten the tracking. Avoid getting a lot of slack in the tarp so that you can wrap it uniformly on its tube.

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