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Covering all of the applications of a floor-standing centrifuge, the Avanti JXN-30 features rotor speed of 30,000 RPM and RCF greater than 100,000 x g. Master daily lab challenges with the advanced levels of networking, reliable performance, and improved BioSafety* found in the Avanti JXN-30. The additional power of the MobileFuge app gives additional flexibility, including the ability to: Access and monitor data remotely. Receive system notifications via email. Manage permissions. Address error handling and more via networks or mobile devices.

Overcome shared lab challenges with Avanti JXN Series Centrifuges
Covering all of the applications of a floor-standing centrifuge, the Avanti JXN-30 features rotor speed of 30,000 RPM and RCF greater than 100,000 x g. The exceptional, reliable performance, improved BioSafety* and advanced levels of networking found in the Avanti JXN-30 can help you master daily lab challenges, and achieve your daily goals with the throughput you need for shared labs, GMP environments, and networked instruments.

The additional power of the MobileFuge app gives additional flexibility, including the ability to:

  • Access and monitor data remotely
  • Manage permissions
  • Address error handling and more via networks or mobile devices

Work remote with the MobileFuge app

Work has never been so flexible. With Avanti centrifuges, operators can easily monitor and control functions via a computer using Virtual Network Computing (VNC) software or a mobile device with the custom MobileFuge app available for Apple® iOS and Android™ devices.

  • Set and monitor run parameters from your Apple® iOS or Android™ device with MobileFuge
  • Securely email results
  • Receive alerts and diagnostics remotely

Triple Redundant Safety Systems

  • Windage, inertia, and rotor ID checks via magnets offer triple redundant safety
  • Friction Reduction System (FRS) for quicker, quieter, and cooler runs
  • High-torque, Switched Reluctance (SR) drive cycle for shorter cycle times

15' LED Touchscreen Monitor

  • Built to withstand 10 million touches
  • Backlight life of 50,000 hours
  • LED backlight for 20% power saving and environmental protection

Easy to use software

  • Simultaneous diplay of set and actual run conditions
  • Rotor selection by name (not code)
  • 11 acceleration/12 deceleration rates
  • Delay start
  • Run times to 99:59, Hold, and ω2t integrator for applications requiring precise reproducibility

Powerful data management

  • Up to 1,000 user-defined programs
  • Storage for numerous protocols
  • Password protection for up to 50 unique user profiles
  • Networking capability for multiple instruments
  • Data logging and real-time run graphing

Application Versatility

  • Compatible with an expansive library of rotors including fixed-angle and swinging bucket options
  • Dynamic Rotor Inertia Check (DRIC) and rotor recognition provide redundant safety checks to ensure rotors run at rated speeds
  • Optimized temperature control to ensure sample quality and prevent unwanted artifacts
  •  Swinging bucket and fixed angle rotors capable of relative centrifugal force (RCF) greater than 100,000 x g

Ergonomics designed for you

  • Low work surface height for easier installation and unloading of rotors
  • Foot pedal for hands-free door operation
  • Door swings up and out of the way for easy access to the rotor chamber
  • 15' digital monitor
  • Energy efficient for reduced total cost of ownership

  • UNSPSC:41103905
  • Height:86 cm (34 in); with door open 141 cm (55.5 in)
  • Height, door closed:Height of 86 cm
  • Height, door open:Height of 141 cm
  • Width:71 cm (28 in.)
  • Depth:86 cm (34 in.)
  • Weight:310 kg (680 lb)
  • Dimensions:71W x 86D x 86H cm(28W x 34D x 34H in)
  • Drive Cooling:Air-Cooled
  • Drive Type:SR* Drive
  • Friction Reduction System (FRS):A mechanical rotary vane pump reduces the chamber pressure for improved performance
  • Max Capacity Volume Range:4 Liters
  • Max Speed:30,000 rpm/110,500 x g
  • Maximum Heat Dissipation into Room under Steady-State Conditions:1.5 kW (5120 Btu/hr) (JA 20 rotor running at 20,000 rpm at 4 degrees C
  • Noise level at max. speed (approx.):Refrigeration System:Non-CFC, non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Rotor ID:Automatic
  • Set Temperature:-20° C to 40° C in 1° increments
  • Set Time:1 min to 99 hr, 59 min
  • Speed Control:1 k to 10 k: ±10 rpm10,001 to max: ±0.15%
  • Speed Range:500 to 30,000rpm or equivalent RCF
  • Temperature Control:±2° C of chamber temperature(after equilibriation)
  • Zonal Capability:Yes
  • Single Tube Sample Volume Range:1.5 - 1,000 mL
  • Ambient Temperature Range:16° C to 38° C
  • Clearances Required:7.6 cm (3.0 in) sides; 16.0 cm (6.25 in) rear
  • Door:6.1 cm (2.4 in) thick plastic resin with steel plate
  • Humidity Restrictions:Pollution Degree:2
  • Rotor Chamber Diameter:51.3 cm (20 in)
  • Time -- Actual Display:Real-time run monitoring, time elapsed, time remaining, hold.
  • Maximum Force at r max (g):110,500 x g
  • Acceleration:11
  • Deceleration:12

  • Analytical system : Fully automated, random access chemistry system with STAT capability
  • Analytical principle : Spectrophotometry and potentiometry
  • Analytical types : Endpoint, rate, fixed point and indirect ISE
  • Analytical methods : Colorimetry, turbidimetry, latex agglutination, homogeneous EIA, indirect ISE
  • Simultaneously processed analytes : 60 photometric tests + 3 ISE, 120 pre-programmed onboard tests
  • Throughput : 400 photometric tests/hour; maximum of 800 with ISE
  • ISE throughput : 200 samples/hr.Maximum test/hr 600 if ISE only
  • Sample types : Serum, plasma, urine, other
  • Sample feeder : Racks with 10 samples each (barcodes on primary tubes and on racks); capacity of 80 samples; continuous loading
  • Sample tubes : Primary and secondary tubes; diameter from 11.5 to 16 mm; height from 55 to 102 mm, nestled micro sample cups
  • STAT samples : Up to 22 positions for STAT samples via cooled turntable. Easy to operate interrupts between tests Auto repeat run capability
  • Sample volume : 1–25 μl in 0.1 μl steps (1–25 μl for repeats)
  • Reagent capacity : 76 positions for (R1+R2, detergent position). Holds 15, 30 and 60ml bottles
  • Reagent storage : Refrigerated (4 °C–12 °C
  • Reagent volume : R1: 10–250 μl; R2: 10–250 μl; (in 1 μl increment)
  • Total reaction volume : 90–350 μl
  • Reaction cuvette : Permanent glass cuvettes
  • Reaction time : Up to 8 minutes, 37.5 seconds
  • Reaction incubation : 37 °C, dry bath
  • Photometry system : Direct assay through the reaction cuvette (0 – 3.0 OD) mono and bichromatic measurements possible
  • Wavelength : 13 different wavelengths between 340 – 800 nm
  • Calibration : Auto calibration, cooled calibrator positions; master calibration established by two-dimensional barcode
  • Quality control : Auto QC, cooled QC positions
  • Rerun
  • Auto rerun and manual rerun available
  • Automatic sample increase, decrease or normal repeat
  • Reflex testing
  • Sample Pre Dilution : Dilution ratio: Fixed to 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 76 or 100
  • Test requisition : Individual and profile test requisition via on-line, mouse, function keys and touch screen
  • Sample integrity : Lipaemia, Haemolysis and Icterus analysis. Sample clot detection and probe crash protection
  • Online : RS232C. Full uni- and bidirectional communication possible
  • Software : Windows XP®
  • Data Storage : Sample number 100,000 samples. Reaction Data 200,000 tests
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) mm : ANL: 1,450 x 1,205 x 760
  • Power supply : 100–240v; 60 Hz/ < 3.5 kVA

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