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- Storm Precipitation Analysis System (SPAS)


The Storm Precipitation Analysis System (SPAS) is a state-of-the-science hydrometeorological tool used to characterize the magnitude, temporal, and spatial details of precipitation events. Over the past ten years, SPAS have been proven t0 be the most reliable and accurate tool available to analyze precipitation events. The results have been used and accepted in all PMP studies since 2002, in forensic cases in courts of law, and has been peer reviewed in HyrdoReview (Parzybok and Tomlinson 2006). SPAS has been used to analyze over 250 extreme precipitation events (see map below) for PMP derivation, runoff model calibration/validation, and storm reconstructions for legal cases.

SPAS has unique capabilities, increased accuracy over all other radar-based precipitation products, and unmatched reliability. SPAS is the industry’s best gauge-adjusted and radar-calibrated rainfall system. Incorporating sophisticated quality control algorithms, SPAS utilizes real-time rain gauge observations, the industry’s highest resolution NEXRAD radar data from Weather Decision Technologies (WDT), and a climatological “basemap” approach to produce gridded rainfall at a spatial resolution of 1/3rd-square mile and a temporal resolution of 5-minutes (with radar). In addition, unlike the National Weather Service products, it is the only precipitation analysis system which can analyze storms in regions where terrain blocks the radar beam and during radar outages.

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