AllWater Technologies Ltd (AWT)

AllWater Technologies Ltd (AWT)

- Model UO 600 ND-UO 1500 ND - Reverse Osmosis Units



Stand-type unit for desalination of softened drinking water according to German drinking water regulations (free chlorine not detectable), operating on the principle of reverse osmosis.

Unit design
Stainless steel main frame.

Special inlet filter with 5 pm-filter cartridge, high pressure pump
low noise, multi-stage centrifugal type, low energy spirally wound modules with energy-efficient PA/PS composite membranes in GRP vessels with inliner.

Valves such as sampling valves for feed water and permeate (for each pressure vessel), inlet solenoid valve, valves made of stainless steel to regulate the flow rate of permeate, concentrate and concentrate recirculation.

Pressure gauges for inlet and outlet pressure pre-filter, pump pressure, operating pressure and concentrate pressure, pressure switch for monitoring the feed water pressure.

Flow meters for permeate and concentrate flow rate.

Permeate conductivity measurement, temperature compensated, measuring range 2-200 pS/cm. Control cabinet with lockable main switch, electrical switchgear with soft-starter for control of the high-pressure pump. RO 1000 microprocessor control system for fully automated monitoring and control of the reverse osmosis unit with two-line LCD (16 characters per line) of Operating data: permeate conductivity (temperature-corrected), permeate temperature, operating hours, Malfunction signals: low pressure, hard water, motor overload, high conductivity prealarm, high conductivity fault, status signals: permeate discard, permeate recycling, concentrate displacement, concentrate rinse, intermittent rinse during shut-down, shut-down by external signal (forced stop, regeneration), LEDs for operation, malfunction, regeneration, discard, disinfection and full tank. Inputs (low voltage) for level control with 1 or 2 float switches, hardness monitoring unit (the R01000 control system includes control functions for the limitron hardness monitoring unit), shut-downs by external signal (forced stop, regeneration), Outputs for softening unit (230V/50Hz), 2 solenoid valves for concentrate rinse, permeate discard and recycling and DDC (collective malfunction signal on floating changeover contact).

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