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Axial Fan Silencer


Axial fan silencers are used for many different systems in the areas of industrial and commercial applications. These silencers are specifically designed to be able to complement airflow profiles for axial fans. The acoustical elements get aerodynamically matched with fan parameters to be able to minimize system effects with the outcome in maximize energy savings. An Axial fan silencer is available to fit any fan size, with construction materials suitable towards a system type, a fan size and a higher velocity of a fan type.

The available types of Axial Fan Silencers include media filled with film liner, dissipative media filled and No-Media designs. The E.I. Williams engineering service team can assist in applying an axial fan silencer that is required to meet various noise control requirements. 

These application types are for the inlet or the outlet of the axial fans for the return air, exhaust air, and the smoke exhaust installations along with the air handling units, the tunnel ventilation installations and the air recirculation systems. 

Axial Fan Silencers can be custom built by E.I. Williams for close coupling towards the inlet and the discharge of these axial fans. Axial Fan silencers are engineered so it can provide top quality sound attenuation to improve aerodynamic performance from the fan. 

Contact E.I. Williams today to inquire about our experience and services regarding Axial Fan Silencers. We can assist you today and we look forward to helping you to design and manufacture custom Axial Fan silencers in order to meet specified standards.

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