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- Model Agro - Environment Filter


Nowadays there are an intensive use of chemicals in the agriculture. This put great demands on the farmers to handle these safely with regards to human and for environmental reasons. The most common and one of the most dangerous of these chemicals is diesel. It is used by every farmer, all the year round and often in large quantities.

Pesticides and weed killers are also common and, like diesel, they consist of a large number of organic compounds. Once these get into the water, they are very hard to collect.

Axon recommends handling all chemicals in a designated, protected place on the farm, used for all refuelling as well as for filling and cleaning of sprayers.

The Axon Miljöfilter (Environment Filter) model Agro is a modified version of the Basic model. The difference is in the collecting basin. It has a breadth of 6 m, while the width is dimensioned to fit the width of the sprayer: 9, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22 and 25 m.

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