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- Model Combi - Safety Device


The Axon Combination Well© is a safety device used wherever there is a risk that large quantities of organic pollutants can leak out, e. g. from a ruptured oil tank. This can swamp the filter system. The outflow from the filter well is monitored for remaining pollutants. The sensitivity of the detector can be adjusted from 0 PPM oil upwards. At a predefined pollution level, alarm and shutoff valve are triggered.

The Axon Combination Well© is normally custom built to provide exactly the kind of protection needed. If desired, it can provide an (on-line) continuous analysis of the filtered water. Data storage and printouts, alarm via SMS and many more functions are available. When equipped with a PLC system, it offers almost unlimited number of control solutions.

The Axon Combination Well© has a diameter of 1000 mm and a height between min. 1240 mm and max. 2567 mm, giving a volume of between 0,98 m3 and 2,03 m3. The pipes has a 110 mm diameter, using an inclination of 0.5%, gives the max. flow of 4 litres/second.

The basic version is equipped with a detector unit (a compartment  of 0,05 m3 containing the water to be checked, formed like a bench), the Axon M-93 Oil Content Meter, the pump for the detector unit, the Axon Shutoff Valve, the Axon Frost Guard, control unit, electric light and a ladder. The control unit and alarm device can be installed externally.
The Frost Guard is an electric heater, supplied with 230 Vac, which keeps the well dry and frost free. The valve, also supplied with 230 Vac, is of type GF 108 PVC, diameter 110 mm, allows a flow of 4 litres / second.

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