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One of the absorbents that Axon Miljöteknik (Environmental Technology) uses in the Axon Miljöfilter is Axon Miljöfilter Filterabsorbent AFX. Axon Miljöfilter (Environment filter) Absorbent AFS 30:27. AFS 30:27 is a pure natural product, thermally treated, without chemical additives. The peat AFS 30:27/AFX 30:27 has been tested during long time at various institutions at Luleå universities.

These test show a unique absorptions capacity and that secretions of absorbed pollutants hardly occurs.
The water content in Axon AFS is only about 10 % of the weight, to be compared with other absorbents –based on mineral or organic raw materials that can contain up to 50% water. The low water content means also that the risk for moulds in the absorbent is small compared with absorbents containing high water contents.

Absorption in Axon AFS works with absorption, which means that the pollutant sucks into the absorbent. This means that entirely saturated absorbent is not sticky and that secretion is insignificant. The thermal treatment of peat, form a resin layer on the surface of the granulate. This resin layer prevents waters to push into the granule, only organic substances have the ability to push through the stock. As an example of the high absorption capacity is the fact that oil on a concrete floor will be entirely absorbed. In most cases the floor will becomes completely dry.

Safeguarding of entirely saturated absorbent is facilitated, then Axon AFS/AFX does not contain any additives. Absorbent can be burnt in order to extract energy alt. composting locally. With incineration becomes the ash concentration extreme low and energy content is very high. Incineration or composting should happen at plants that hold necessary conditions.

The absorbent undergoes a complex process during the manufacturing process, but it is important to note that Axon AFS/AFX does not contain any waste products. To extract energy, the absorbent can be burnt, composting locally is an other way of handling it. The energy content is very high, and by incineration the ash concentration becomes extremely low. Incineration or composting should be done at plants that hold necessary conditions and permissions.

The peat undergoes an extensive process at the production of absorbent and is not some kind of waste product. Bering this in min makes it is easier to understand why the price in certain case might appear a little higher than competing products. The production of Axon AFX is optimised through sifting to gain optimum function in filters. All these processing is to optimise the filtering characteristics, and avoiding that the absorbents flows out with the water from the filter.
A more detailed comparison shows that the relation in most cases it reversed. If all aspects are weighed in the Axon AFS is a very cost-effectively absorptions material.

  • Low water contents - you get what you pay for, Absorbent - not Water.
  • Environment benefits - short transportation to local destruction plants.
  • No toxic contents only a pure natural product.
  • High energy content – cost effective to use the entirely saturated absorbent as fuel.
  • Very good absorption ability - the consumption of absorbent is limited
  • Low weight - easy to handle.
  • Low water contents - Axon AFX/AFS does not go decayed in the wrapping.
  • Axon AFS/AFX does not absorb water - you only pay to eliminate pollutants, not water.

There are countless tests and calculation examples done on Axon AFX/AFS.

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