AZ Instrument Corp.

AZ Instrument Corp.

- Model 7755 - CO2/Temp RH Meter



Low cost portable meter checking poor indoor air quality in office, Triple display 3 parameters simulatneously : co2, temperature and r.humidity and display air/dew point/wet bulb temp. By selection, Warning carbon dioxide level, Big lcd display with high resolution, Design with ndir (non-dispersive infrared) waveguide technology sensor, Manual calibration is recommended

  • Low cost portable meter checking indoor air quality
  • Big dual display lcd with 3 parameters
  • Simultaneously: c02 jemperature & humidity
  • Design with ndir (non-dispersive infrared)
  • Waveguide technology sensor
  • Manual calibration is recommended
  • Warning carbon dioxide level
  • Backlight function for working in dark
  • Long time drift compensation
  • Audible alarm (-80db)threshold setting
  • Max ,min, average functions included
  • Rs232 output every 2 seconds to pc for analysis
  • Hold function freezes current readings
  • Display 8 hrs twa value (time-weighted average)
  • Or 15 minutes stel value (short-term exposure limit)
  • Housing designed surrounds with rails to help
  • Air ventilation for quick and accurate response
  • Easyto calibrate at fresh air around 380-420ppm

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