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- Model WW - MBBR Wastewater Treatment Plant



Wastewater treatment plant, to meet the environmental standards for discharge from urban and industrial wastewater. The plant uses the MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) technology, based on the growth of biomass in a plastic supports (carriers) suspended in the bioreactor mixed liquor. These carriers allow more concentration of microorganisms per unit volume than a conventional system, reaching high quality effluent in a minimum area of implementation.

  • MBBR wastewater technology, biologically stable against load and flow peaks and easy expandable with no need of civil works (only it is required to increase the carriers percentage in the biological reactor). The ratio treatment capacity/footprint  is higher ratio  than a conventional system.
  • Fully autonomous operation, ensuring the water quality and the maximum equipment protection. No need of qualified and permanent staff.
  • Compact and modular plant, with simple and immediate installation and commissioning. Without civil works. Without setbacks.
  • It is assembled in the plant, all the electromechanical and control equipment needed for the complete wastewater treatment.
  • On surface installation, without complex diggings. Easy accessibility to all system elements.

  • Supply pump
  • Rototary dump screen
  • MBBR biological treatment
  • Flocculant dosing for sludge decantation
  • Pump for sludge drain
  • Measurement and control equipment
  • Electrical panel and automation and control system
  • Framework, piping and electric connections. Testing

  • Performance required of the system. Point of pollution reduction necessary to reach the discharge or reuse limits set by regional organizations or hydraulic confederations.
  • Daily flow and peak hour flow of wastewater to be treated.
  • Investment costs; not only must we take into account the cost of installation, but also the need of land for the location of the plant.
  • Operating costs; power consumption, waste management costs, maintenance, etc.
  • Space available for the location of the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Simplicity of operation and maintenance; should be considered if you have specialized staff to monitor the plant or not.
  • Environmental impact; visual impact of the fitting, possibility of civil works, nuisance for odours, noise, etc.

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