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- Balers for Waste Treatments



Qunfeng plants and balers for waste treatment were designed to sort municipal solid waste (MSW), unsorted solid waste with organic material, industrial waste, refuse derived fuel. Our machines efficiently recover and enhance the materials contained in the waste. This applies to PET, HDPE, cardboard, paper, aluminium. In a recovery process, these materials are not destroyed, but collected and processed to generate new raw materials: secondary raw materials”. Waste baling provides advantages in terms of logistics, of landfill lifetime and environmental safety. Our balers can also be equipped with wrapping machines that reduce odor and leachate spilling, increasing environmental safety of landfills.

Baler is to reduce the volume of recyclable materials and produce compressed bales by using the powerful force of hydraulic cylinder. Baler is popularly used for continuous compression of wastes with recyclable value such as paper, cardboard and plastics; drum baler used for continuous compression of PET bottles, paper and cardboard. Automatic control by PLC and tight wire coupling can help produce tightly compressed bales and provide users with the convenient and safe operation. The compressed bales allow the users to have more storage space and transportation highly economical. Baler is typically installed on the final discharge section of MSW system.

  1. Powerful compression by hydraulic motor
  2. Continuous compressing
  3. Hydraulic door mode for the safety
  4. Easy to maintain compression ram
  5. Automatic wire connection
  6. Easy operation with PLC

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