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- Model 75 - Barrel Hot Oil Unit



Rush-Overland Hot Oil Units are designed to your specifications. Available in both the Lone Star Edition for warm weather and the Rocky Mountain edition for cold weather.

Rush 75 Barrel Hot Oil Unit - Lone Star Edition

  • Unit is Constructed on 10' I-Beam Cross Members
  • 5' Channel Outriggers
  • 1/4' Floor Plate
  • Unit is Recessed Between Burner Chamber and Storage Tank for Easy Access to the Controls, Manifold System, and Pumps
  • Viking and Bowie Pumps are Mounted on the Outside of the Unit Frame for Easy Maintenance
  • Rush Easy Access Lubrication System will Simplify Daily Lubrication of all Pumps

Burner Features:

  • Rush LPG Fired Up-Draft Burner with Mild Steel Tips
  • Burner is Rated at 7,000,000 BTU Input and 5,800,000 BTU Output
  • Direct Spark Ignited
  • Water Heated Propane Vaporizer with Steel Coils
  • Propane Pre-Heater Inside Burner Box
  • 48' Tool Box Mounted on Each Side of Burner Box

Heat Exchanger:

  • 84 - 2' Schedule 40 SA-106 Seamless Tubing
  • Top Two Layers Thermo Finned for Greater Efficiency
  • One Pass Arrangement
  • Direct Fired
  • Hydro Tested to 2,000 PSI

Burner Chamber:

  • 1/4' Outer Walls
  • Two Layers Of Ceramic Fiber Insulation Rated At 2,300 Degrees Per Layer
  • Remote Fire Prevention System within Burner Chamber
  • Inspection Door on Drivers Side
  • Insulated Burner Box Top with Stainless Steel Rooster Cone

Control Panel:

  • Water Tight Stainless Steel Control Box With Viewing Plexi-Glass Window and Removable Door
  • Panel Power Switch with Indicator Light
  • Burner Igniter Switch
  • Murphy High/Low Temperature Gauge with Burner Safety Shut-Down and Reset Switch
  • Murphy High/Low Pressure Gauge with Engine Shut-Down and Reset Switch
  • 60 Propane Burner Pressure Gauge
  • 600 Coil Pressure Gauge
  • 10,000 Discharge Pressure Gauge
  • Pulsation Dampener Valves for Gauge in Control Panel
  • Coil Inlet and Outlet Temperature Gauges on Manifold
  • Engine Start Switch
  • Engine Throttle Switches
  • Engine Tachometer
  • Engine Water Temperature Gauge
  • Engine Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Air Clutch
  • Electric Over Air Shift PTO Control for Viking, Bowie, and Triplex
  • Work Light Switches
  • Panel Lights Mounted inside Control Box for Night Operation
  • Remote Control for Fire Prevention System in Heater
  • Pilot Igniter Push-Button Switch
  • Washer Switch
  • All Instruments, Switches, and Controls will be Properly Labeled

75 BBL Single Compartment Elliptical Tank:

  • 3/16' Tank Walls, Heads, and Baffles
  • 12' Sump
  • Sight Glass Level Indicator and Cock with Sight Glass Protectors and Barrel Markers Mounted on Drivers Side of Tank
  • Access Ladder Mounted on Driver's Side of Tank with Full Length Walkway
  • Vent Box with 3' Vent Pipe
  • Two Manways on Top of Tank
  • Hose Rack (Single) Mounted On Rear of Unit
  • Hose Storage Built into Unit Skid
  • Pipe Rack with Locking Doors on Drivers Side of Unit to Hold Eight Steel 1-1/2' x 13' Joints of Schedule 80 Discharge Lines with Unions
  • Rear Mounted Discharge Swing Joint with Two 6,000 Swivels
  • 3' Loading Connections on Sides and Rear of Unit with Brass Quick Couplers
  • 2' Washout Connection on Rear of Tank with Butterfly Valve and Brass Quick Coupler
  • Two 25 Gallon Chemical Tanks Built into Rear of Unit
  • One Kerosene Tank on Passenger Side with Transfer Pump Valve to Sight Glass for Cleaning
  • Four LED Flooded Lights for Night Operation

High Pressure Pump:

  • Gardner Denver TEE Triplex Pump 
  • 3' Colomony Plungers
  • 5' Stroke
  • High Pressure Cast Steel Fluid Ends For Well Service
  • Hard Steel Valve Seats
  • Heavy Duty Universal Joints and Chain Drive
  • All Necessary Manifold to Connect Pump

Feed Pump:

  • 3' Viking Pump
  • 4 Speed Transmission
  • Mechanical Drive

Load Pump:

  • 3' Bowie Pump
  • Mechanical Drive

3' Manifold System:

  • Schedule 40 SA-106 Seamless Pipe and Fittings
  • 7 Total 3' Butterfly Valves
  • 3' Brass Camlocks and Plugs

2' Low Pressure Manifold:

  • Schedule 80 SA-106 Seamless Pipe and Fittings
  • Three 2' Jamesbury Ball Valves with 300-Degree Seats
  • 2' Check Valve
  • 1' Pressure Relief Valve (Set at 250 psi.)

2' High Pressure Manifold:

  • Schedule 160 SA-106 Seamless Pipe and Fittings
  • Two 6,000 psi. Ball Valves with High Temperature Seals
  • One 6,000 psi. Check Valve with High Temperature Seals
  • One 5,000 psi. Pressure Relief Valve


  • Auxiliary Transmission to Drive Triplex Pump
  • Eight Steel 1-1/2' x 13' Joints of Schedule 80 Discharge Pipes with Hammer Unions
  • All Hard Line will be Tested and Banded
  • 50' of 3' Loading Hose With Camlock Connections
  • Two 48' Locking Tool Boxes at Rear of Unit
  • One Tool Box Mounted between Cab and Unit
  • Two 250 Gallon LPG Tanks Stacked and Mounted on Rear of Unit
  • Propane System will be Certified, Tagged and Licensed Through the Texas Railroad Commission - License # 0879
  • One 30 Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher Mounted at Rear of Unit
  • Tow Hook on Rear of Unit
  • Unit will be Sandblasted to meet NACE 1/SSPC-SP5 Specifications before Electro-Statically Applying 3 Coats of Corrosion Resistant Epoxy Primer and 2 Coats of Acrylic Urethane Enamel Paint

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