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- Library Programmed in Accordance with IEC 61131-3



With the help of the PDPI SOFTcontroller, dead-beat PDPI control algorithms can be incorporated into compatible programming systems in accordance with IEC 61131-3. Standard controllers cannot be used in many technical control applications. However, in this case it’s possible to create defined controllers for any application through the use of basic modules. In addition to simple control tasks, highly complex controllers can be configured with special filtering tasks.

  • PDPI - Algorithm for Induction Heating Systems - see pdf below
  • Licensed library can be incorporated into any compatible programming system which complies with IEC 61131-3 / CoDeSys Alliance
  • Configurable via PLC
  • Clock cycle depending on PLC/CPU and application: from 2 ms
  • PDPI control without overshooting
  • The control parameters are optimized by means of a specially developed process which can be started at any desired point in time.
  • 2-step, 3-step, continuous action and step-action controller
  • Fixed value control
  • Any number of control channels can be configured within a single PLC – limited by performance of the CPU and controller periphery only

  • Suitable for zones with temperature rises of approximately 10 to less than 1K per 1000 clock cycles
  • Monitoring for sensor failure and reversed polarity
  • Numerous monitoring functions

  • Parameter: Function
  • Peak filter: Individual erroneous measurements caused by, for example, electrostatic discharge to the sensor, are suppressed
  • Smoothing filter: In accordance with controlled system dynamics, several measured values are combined for control purposes in order to avoid an unsteady controlled variable.

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