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- Model MPB 906/907 - Mobile Pack Bin for Roll-Off Skip Loaders



The pendulum blade technology of the Mobile-Pack-Bins, which was invented 35 years agao by BERGMANN, makes an extremely high compaction of garbage possible in a compaction container that can be made waterproof. Particular attributes of the Mobile-Pack-Bins of BERGMANN are the hygienic self-cleaning, the easy emptying and the continuous filling. The Mobile-Pack-Bins are available for roll-off skip loaders, have a low operating noise, are low-maintenance and have a well-developed design and technology.

  • Mobile-Pack-Bin for waste and wet waste
  • Electrohydraulic drive
  • Modular structure for flexible application possibilities
  • Special designs per customer’s request

  1. Illustration of the self-cleaning BERGMANN pendulum blade in rear position
  2. During the compactor stroke, the entire filling area is still available for continuous filling
  3. In the return stroke, the pendulum blade passes under the material and throws it before container opening.
  4. In the prestroke, the material is pushed under the break edge in the BOX

  • BERGMANN-invention and proprietary development - THE original with 35 years of experience
  • Well-developed design and technology on the basis of many years of experience
  • Ideal for compacting wet waste and residual waste
  • Huge loading aperture (approx. 1800 x 1,300 mm)
  • Can be continuously fed with garbage
  • Reduction of disposal costs of up to 75%
  • Long service life = high availability
  • Extremely high compaction depending upon type of garbage to a fraction of the original volume = high filling weights of, on the average, 8 tons of residual waste in the MPB 906 ST 20 and more
  • Reduction of the number of emptying journeys to a minimum = drastic savings due to fewer disposal journeys
  • Comfortable operation by clearly arranged push buttons
  • Trouble-free emptying of the container due to lateral convexity
  • Low corrosion because the hydraulic cylinders have no contact with the waste
  • Hygienic self-cleaning (cleaning operation under and behind the compacting piston can be dispensed with)
  • Negligible operating noise
  • Can easily be expanded due to its modular structure; therefore simple adjustment to different locations
  • Lowering of personnel costs for waste handling
  • Minimisation of the utility space, thus saving the storage costs of convention containers
  • The highest quality standard for 35 years
  • High, fast and available for spare parts for many years, guaranteed for 15 years!
  • Worldwide service network

  • Huge loading aperture (approx. 1800 x 1,300 mm)
  • Enormously high processing capacity of 0.75 m3 per working stroke
  • lateral convex container for trouble-free emptying
  • High compaction force, 390 kN with MPB 906 ST 20
  • Double hydraulic pumps, thereby compactor stroke in only 16 seconds
  • Durable, two-stage hydraulic drive unit with maintenance-free central hydraulic block
  • Compaction chamber and press plate constructed from extremely high steel strengths
  • Front and rear pick-up hook variable in height for adjustment to all standard roll-off skip loaders
  • Solid pendulum discharge door, triple-fastened, with extended, easily manageable ratchet catch (ideal during shelter filling)
  • Pendulum claws on the break edge and the large immersion depth of the compacting piston avoid that the waste streams back
  • Easily accessible hydraulic power pack above the compaction chamber facilitates the access for service operations
  • Great stability with economic net weight
  • Machine TÜV/GS and CE-certified
  • Skirting protection of the control elements for protection against damages
  • Container is continously welded
  • Circulation of the waste due to rounding at the discharge opening. Therefore, high filling weights are assured
  • The bottom of the compactor is constructed out of highly wear-resistant high-grade steel
  • Completely  'Made in Germany' by qualified and experienced staff

  • Double hydraulic pump
  • Pick-up-system, pluggable and turnable in the front, thus fast and easy adjustment of the pick-up height by means of bolts on various unwinder types
  • Screwable pick-up-system in the back, thus pick-up height of 1,450 mm and 1,570 mm possible
  • Pre-installed for an integrated lift-tipping-device - no welding is necessary during retrofitting
  • Autotimer
  • Oil level monitoring
  • Overload protection
  • Working hour counter
  • Unproblematic retrofitting with a lid covering the loading aperture 
  • Hydraulically controlled and, thus, durable reversing valve
  • Front and rear rollers
  • TÜV/GS approved

  • ¾ full and/or 100% full signal 
  • Full signal via GSM Module to you or disposer
  • Certified watertightness through liquid filling
  • Manually or hydraulically operated lid covering the loading aperture in various versions (protects against filling by unauthorised persons and the penetration of rain water)
  • Rubber seal of the lid and/or discharge opening reduces odors and avoids the penetration of rain water
  • Hydraulic lift-tipping-device integrates for pivoting and/or comb lifting system (the waste bin lifts and tilts the contents into the compactor)
  • Remote control via cables
  • Photo electric cell in the filler area (machine starts, as soon as something is thrown into the funnel tube)
  • Fire fighting point
  • drainage device
  • ... and many more
  • ... ask for special versions

Everywhere, where garbage with a high liquid portion accumulates, as in:

  • Supermarkets
  • Large-scale catering establishments, hotels
  • Department stores
  • Hospitals and homes for the elderly
  • Food productions
  • Printing houses

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