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The new BHS Metering Bin and Metering Bin Liberator Class provide numerous features that increase performance and decrease maintenance requirements. BHS has developed a strong platform to precisely regulate material flow through the combination of a variable speed conveyor and a counter-rotating drum at the discharge end, eliminating black-belt and keeping your system operating at peak levels. The new design’s hallmark is its modularity: the design allows a wide range of mix-and match features which can transform the Metering Bin to match your own operational demands. From base features such as extra thick walls to the steel belt and bag-ripping teeth of the Liberator Class, BHS offers a bin without equal in the market.

  • Increases throughput and system capacity up to 20%
  • Provides a consistent material feed into the system
  • Maximizes system sorting and screen efficiency
  • Frees up loader operator to perform other tasks
  • Reinforced side-wall panels and heavy duty construction to maximize durability and uptime
  • Easy retrofit into existing facilities
  • Available with 60-HP driven drum to power through the toughest loads
  • Reinforced load side and flared back walls for ease of loading and durability, with minimal spillage

The Modular Advantage

  • Four-week typical lead time on standard design
  • Ambidextrous load side and rear door allows for variable loading and access
  • Interchangeable belts, drums & teeth
  • Can be easily retrofitted to increase capacity
  • AR-plated octagonal drum agitates material, opens bags and is easier to clean & repair
  • 36 replaceable tungsten carbide-tipped teeth and optional ripper teeth to open bags

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