Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)

- Windshifter



The Nihot Windshifter consists of a recirculation fan, a separation unit and a combi-separator. It’s the preferred separating solution based on density of the material at capacities up to 100 tph. A proprietary Nihot design, the lowmaintenance Windshifter offers effective separation and operational reliability, with a long and proven track record at customer plants worldwide.

  • Designs may be optimized for any application (diagonal shifter, vertical shifter, or zigzag shifter).

  • Proven high operational reliability for increased production time
  • High separation efficiency: up to 99 wt.%
  • Gives control of the caloric value of the output
  • Removes interferants from input
  • Low maintenance and very few wearable parts for more uptime and low operational costs
  • All emissions are filtered

  • Construction & Demolition
  • Municipal Solid Waste

Uses a controlled air separation system allowing for many environmental advantages without creating by-products. No hand-sorting or wrapping/ jamming, meaning more uptime.

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