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All the materials to create a small professional soil testing laboratory to determine major plant nutrient availability. The Bio-Ion Basic soil testing lab is the kit that we at Pike Agri-Lab supplies have put together to test the availability (to rootlets) of the major plant nutrients of the soil. It contains all the equipment to create a small professional laboratory dedicated to testing the major plant nutrients in soil.

  • Calcium,
  • Magnesium,
  • Phosphorus,
  • Potassium,
  • Nitrate and
  • ammonium nitrogen,

The farmer needs to know what ratios of elements are in his soil in order to make appropriate ratio amendments to his soil program and to also monitor the affects of the amendments. It is imperative to do this in order to create a top quality soil that creates a top quality produce.

This test relies on using the Morgan Universal Extract Solution (UES) which is a weak organic acid which acts upon soil particles to dissolve nutrients which would likely be made available by the exudent from plant rootlets. This test is often referred to as testing for water soluble nutrients.

We have prepared an instruction manual which can be found below which is both easy to understand and explains exactly how to do the various tests for major nutrient availability, the instructions are available to download below.

The main difference between the Bio-Ion Deluxe test kit and the Bio-Ion Basic kit that we have put together is:

  • The Deluxe model has an expensive but extremely effective Auto-Dispenser instead of a variable volume dispenser
  • The Deluxe model has 2 variable precision pipetors and replacement tips instead.
  • The Deluxe model has some extra quantity of other accessories
  • The Deluxe model also has the Humus test kit included with it (also available separately,

Below is also a comparison chart between the contents of the Deluxe test kit versus the Basic test kit including the cost of replacement parts.

Please Note: It will take a couple of weeks to assemble and the parts for this kit as some of the chemicals have a limited lifespan so are not assembled until an order is placed.

*Picture is for demonstration purposes only*

*This item contains hazardous materials and therefore MUST be sent via UPS ground and cannot be shipped overseas or outside of the continental US. This kit MAY also be subject to a small hazardous material fee. In this event we shall contact you after the order with the details of this extra charge, this is to protect you from being overcharged*

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